Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Dumpling Man's Veggie Dumplings

Over the summer I was at a gallery opening with this artist and we stopped next door to get dumplings before heading out to the next gallery. I have no idea where that was but ever since then I have been craving veggie dumplings. When I saw on that Dumpling Man had an offer for six dumplings and a beer for $6, I hit the ground running.

Dumpling Man is the perfect end to a night of revelry in the East Village. Located at 100 St. Mark’s Place, between Ave. A and 1st, the restaurant is a block or two away from the insanity that is St. Mark’s Place and therefore a little quieter, a little calmer. The restaurant is small and set up with counters so you can watch the dumplings being made right in front of your very eyes.

The veggie dumplings hit the spot! Tucked inside the hand-wrapped spinach-juice flour wrap were shitake mushrooms, bok choy, tofu, wheat protein, and sesame oil. It did not taste like veggies-in fact, I was rather paranoid that maybe they weren’t-but rather general dumpling goodness. Although you can get them steamed, these babies were seared to make them just crunchy enough on the outside.

The coupon did not specify, but the only beer that came with the coupon was the Tsingtao. Although not generally a beer fan, this Chinese beer was more tangy than weighty and therefore made a good accompaniment to the dumplings.

Conclusion::: This isn’t fine dining by any stretch of the imagination, but the coupon makes it a worthwhile stop if you’re in the area.

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