Tuesday, March 3, 2009

This/That + The Other

In what is some of the most exciting news we've heard lately, New York's favorite poetry club has now started a record label. Here's what the Bowery Poetry Club had to say about its new venture:
The first in what will become a series of live, "off-the-board" recordings issued on the new Bowery Poetry Club record label, “This/That + The Other” showcases a cross section of the wide-ranging talents the Downtown NYC hotspot has to offer. Bob Holman, founder of the BPC, kicks off the proceedings with “The Poet,” and from that natural starting point, “This/That + The Other” provides the listener with a glimpse into some of New York’s most talented and daring young artists, a snapshot into what people have come to expect from the Bowery Poetry Club.

BPC is proud of our place in the lineage of populist art: the Yiddish theater, burlesque, vaudeville, beat poetry, jazz, and punk that gave the Bowery its name.

Bob Holman - The Poet
Sean T. Hanratty - Jesus, My Baby and Me
Lucius - Rocky Mountains
Shappy - Whale Song for My Bastard Son
A Brief View of the Hudson - maryreily
Gary Glazner - Death By Taxi
Juggernut - Skewered
Moonshine Shorey - Crackhead Christie
Duv - Love Isn't Gone
The Fools - Too Far
The New York Howl - When The Night Time Comes
You can buy the album through iTunes.

What do you hope will be on the next album?

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