Thursday, December 31, 2009

2010 Predictions: Food Trends, Part 2

[This silly image is from RV for Sale Guide]

Another food trend that will be big in 2010, according to Nutrition Unplugged is:

Changing restaurants —
Will continue to evolve with initiatives such as no reservations, happy hours, value pricing and a move toward more local ingredients

As far as the "move toward more local ingredients," we've been on board with the locavore movement since we started Asphalt Eden. Check out our links in the food column to the right for tips on where to find great organic and local food. Even though we're surrounded by asphalt, we believe we were created to live in Eden and that it's our job to protect the earth. Part of the way we do this is by choosing to eat responsibly.

Do you have a favorite shop for buying locally grown foods? Which restaurants serve the best local foods?

2010 Predictions: Food Trends, Part 1

[image via Dessert Truck]

In 2009 we reported that Peruvian was going to be the hot food trend. Did we eat Peruvian? Even once? No. It's still on our resolutions list.

For 2010, we have it on good authority that the following will be "in" for food:
Street food — Dining trucks, street vendors, informal and authentic ethnic food, part of anti-restaurant movement
We've actually already noticed that dining trucks have gotten a whole lot more innovative this past year, and are eager for more of the Dessert Truck and the Bistro Truck. This website is devoted to helping you find where these and other food trucks are, so you can track them down when they come to your neighborhood.

Which is your favorite food truck?

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

2010 Predictions: Color of the Year

[image via Pantone]

Pantone announced that turquoise will be the color of 2010.

According to Pantone:
In many cultures, Turquoise is believed to be a protective talisman, a color of deep compassion and healing, and a color of faith and truth, inspired by water and sky. Through years of color word-association studies, we also find that to many people, Turquoise represents an escape, taking them to a tropical paradise that is pleasant and inviting – even if it is only a fantasy.
After a year of scandals and economic downturns, we need a color that will help us escape our worries. The color is pale enough to be calming and soothing but bright and cheery enough to lift our hearts.

It's a fun color, and we're excited to see the color pop up in unexpected ways this year.

The color is, of course, based on the gem.

[image via Wikipedia]

As a gemstone, we usually see it in Southwest jewelry, so we're hoping 2010 is the year that turquoise makes the leap to non-regional looks.

This handcrafted turquoise ring we found on Etsy, for instance, is simply adorable.

This stackable turquoise ring by Maribelle Campa is great on its own or stacked with other rings.

Which reminds me... Sarah Perlis has a beautiful turquoise ring that would be worth blowing some Christmas money on.

[image via Sarah Perlis]

What do you think of Pantone's pick?

Where would you like to see turquoise? Send us links to any good examples of turquoise you see.

A Look Back to 2009

Asphalt Eden officially launched in 2009. It's hard to believe a whole year has gone by already! Here's a look back at some of our favorite blog entries.

In 2009, we were all about mimosa.

(I'm hearing fuchsia is the in color right now. Stay tuned for our 2010 predictions!)

We snagged some great exclusive interviews! The very first one we did was with one of my personal favorite artists David Kramer.

We discovered Christians have a thing for vampires.

We got an email from one of the organizers of the Christian Book Expo when we bemoaned the fact that the expo wasn't in NYC.

We attended Goodmeet@SALT

John Calvin turned 500 this year, and we were there to celebrate.

We even ventured outside the city and took a day trip to Sleepy Hollow.

What were some of your favorite topics that we covered this past year on Asphalt Eden?

What sort of postings would you like to see more of?