Thursday, December 31, 2009

2010 Predictions: Food Trends, Part 1

[image via Dessert Truck]

In 2009 we reported that Peruvian was going to be the hot food trend. Did we eat Peruvian? Even once? No. It's still on our resolutions list.

For 2010, we have it on good authority that the following will be "in" for food:
Street food — Dining trucks, street vendors, informal and authentic ethnic food, part of anti-restaurant movement
We've actually already noticed that dining trucks have gotten a whole lot more innovative this past year, and are eager for more of the Dessert Truck and the Bistro Truck. This website is devoted to helping you find where these and other food trucks are, so you can track them down when they come to your neighborhood.

Which is your favorite food truck?

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