Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Return of the Wizard: A Video Game Challenge

Calling all gamers:::

3rd Ward's Video Game Challenge will pit you and your friends against each other in high stakes classic video game competition projected onto 10x10 ft. screens with live DJ's. Relive your glory days - minus the grape soda and nagging parents - plus ice cold beers and cash prizes. Each month will feature a new set of games and a new classic platform. From Excite Bike and Zelda, to Mario Kart and NBA Jam. Nintendo thumb is cool again.
Get your game on from 7 PM til midnight tonight at 3rd Ward (195 Morgan Ave., Brooklyn). It's free to attend, $5 to compete.

And if you can't make this one, video-game challenges are every last Tuesday of the month at 3rd Ward.

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Link said...

isn't there a zelda movie coming out?