Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Prayer in the Square Date Set

The date for the next Prayer in the Square has now been announced. It will be September 20 from 3 to 4 PM in Times Square. This is the third Prayer in the Square and may be the last. Pastor Carter Conlon said:::
This will be the third and possibly the final year for Prayer in the Square. The Lord called us to host, fund and organize this event for the last three years. He told us that the first year would establish credibility with the city, and we have received positive feedback from various city agencies, including the office of the Mayor himself, commending us for honesty, order, and keeping our word.

The second year confirmed to local churches that this was not the beginning of some new ministry but rather a gathering for the sole purpose of one hour of prayer, in humility, with all denominations represented and no personalities or ministry showcased. Those who have attended can attest to the fact that this has been so. Everything has unfolded exactly as the Lord impressed upon our hearts it would.

This year Prayer in the Square will be what the call has been about from the beginning. In prayer three years ago, we felt that 2009 would be a time of great distress for our city and country. However, our hope is in the fact that God has called us to gather to pray in our time of need. I do not believe that He would have called us to gather in such a place and at such a time if He had not planned to answer our prayer. I expect something spiritually profound to happen this year.
Have you been to Prayer in the Square in the past? Do you want to see it continue in years to come?

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Anonymous said...

WE definitely need prayer always in New York City.....I hope it continues