Monday, March 16, 2009

NBC Drama Takes a Modern Look at the Old Testament

"Kings," a new series about King David, premiered last night on NBC. To drum up intrigue, NBC created a newspaper-like website called UNN Reports.

You can watch previews and behind-the-scene footage on NBC.

Here's what the Times said. What did you think of this modern retelling of the Old Testament?


Anonymous said...

Anything with THE MAN FROM DEADWOOD ... must be great! Snob that I am I seldom watch network tv ... but now, thanks to Asphalt Eden I will set my DVR to record and rectify my mistake!!

Anonymous said...

saw a bit of filming for Kings last year and didnt realize what it was until I saw the promotional materials recently. anyone watched it?

Anonymous said...

where was it being filmed? i heard filming is down in nyc b/c of the economy.