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Q The Prophet Reveals the Story of "Soul Hustler's Diary"

Brooklyn-based hip-hop artist Q The Prophet (Quason Durant) posted his very first blog entry on Facebook last week and it was jam-packed with info on his new album, Soul Hustler's Diary, due out this summer and the start of his own new label, Prophets i Music Group LLC:
This I can consider my first blog entry ever on Face Book. After much complicated situations, life experiences, empty promises by fleshly folks, and God's unfailing love & miracles, Soul Hustler's Diary is ready to be release this Summer. I know you are wondering why didn't I just release it the first time around? My reply; I was following orders of Brook-Island Records who insisted on me putting out an EP first, cause they didn't want me give out too much to the majors, so they can secure a distribution deal. But after 6 months, no distribution deal, aggravation, and breach in contract by the label, which led me and my management to consult an Entertainment Attorney to represent me in getting out of the contract. I'm a free agent now, and longer affiliated with Brook-Island Records. And I would not advise any artist to be involved with them. Those of you that know me, my integrity, my character, and my work ethics, you already know that I'm a kind hearted individual that is very passionate with the gift God has given me. I don't start any trouble with anybody, unless you spark a reason for it.

But on the flip side, this album will be officially released under the new label Prophets i Music Group LLC. Founded by Clever Gemz and myself. After 10 years experience in the game, and establishing connects with folks in the game, I'm confident in God to run a company and be an artist.

PHEW! Now that I've released that from my spirit, let's get into the meat & potatoes behind this long awaited, yet never out dated LP that cats have been pounding on me to put out entitled "Soul Hustler's Diary". I truly admit the times back then that I thought I was ready to put this project out. But some trials would come to slow down the release of the full project. Notice I said, Slow Down, cause I can't be stopped. The enemy can not stop you, but he can only slow you down. But God only allowed it to be so, because He wanted me to expose a bit of myself, and the many experiences that I've encountered; from my childhood to adulthood, rejection by blood relatives to rejection from church folks, bitter pain of a bad relationship with my ex fiance, being called into ministry at an early age and dealing with persecution of doing Rap music in the church. Also my experiences with the music industry and fake A&Rs and execs. But in all these experiences thanks be unto God who've caused me to triumph in Christ continually. As of the title, which is inspired by 2 Corinthians 3:2 & 3; it's expresses how we are living epistles that are written and read in the hearts of men. The old saying that people would always say is, closest thing to a bible that people will ever read is your lifestyle. The best story that you can tell anyone about Jesus Christ in your life, is your testimony of your experience with Him.

This is album is testimonial. It is balanced with Milk for the babes, and meat for the saints. This isn't your ordinary Gospel Hip-Hop or "Holy Hip-Hop" album. This album is very transparent and out of the box, from experiences in Street Ministry and performing in the Clubs. Musical substance not watered down, neither taking away from God. I personally feel that as an artist in ministry, you have to bring your listeners into your world, while you are ministering to them the Word. And creatively get the point across without being redundant. I personally I'm NOT trying to preach to the church or the choir all day. AND MOST CERTAINLY NOT TRYING TO SHOVE CHRIST DOWN THE THROATS OF SINNERS, like some other gospel rap artists, I'm not going to mention any names. There are many dying souls out there that needs deliverance and healing.

Every track on the album is listed as chapters. And these are pages of my life:

Chapter 1 is exactly what it's called. A mini song with a 16 bar verse & hook, briefly describing who I am, and what to expect through out this album. This piece is only a 1 minute and a few seconds.
Produced by Darulah from Shady/Aftermath Records.

Chapter 2: Momma's Only Child - As you all know this song is very soulful. It's only right make this the 2nd chapter, cause after the brief introduction from Chapter 1, I had to bring you back to the beginning. From when I was born, to when I was raised in Church, to when I backslid into the world, my near death experience that brought me back to Christ. But this time, it was relationship and not religion. Produced by my dude Tone 2, formally Just Blaze's Assistant @ Bass Line Studios, home of Rocafella Records.

Chapter 3: Pit to the Palace - Of course this joint is soulful. After coming back to Christ, I faced rejection by folks in my own family. But the most devastating time in my life was dealing with blow of church hurt. In midst of my serving and being faithful to God, I dealt with hatred from my peers and adults in the Church. Though I fell and messed up in Church, instead of being restored in the Spirit of Meekness, I was criticized, ostracized, downsized, etc. At one point I was going to give up on God, and leave. But God snatched me back in and taught me how to stand and endure the adversity. Which God allowed me to overcome and made me to stand. Produced by neoRock of Jah'Rock'n Productions.

Chapter 4: The MisEducation of Quason T. Durant - Another soulful sound. This particular part of the song is more of a venting track. It was a point in my life where I had to learn how to forgive myself. I had to get over the pain folks doubting me and misunderstanding my potential. I'm emptying out in depth pain from my biological dad neglecting me, my former pastors & youth pastor discrediting me, my ex girl aborting my unborn child. The reason for the MisEducation, is because I was caught up in trying to please people, rather than pleasing God. In the midst of this, God was molding me and prepping me to greater works. This is lesson of character molding God was doing in my life, before He launched me into greatness. This joint is well over 100 bars of straight spitting, no hook and no vocalist singing.
Producer unknown, the track was hot, I flowed to it, next minute it's on the album. So will just say I produced it, LOL.

Chapter 5: Leave It Alone - Once again soulful sound, don't you get the connotation "SOUL - SOUL HUSTLER" Get It? The bible says in Amos 3:3; "Can two walk together, accept they be agreed?" Also 2 Corinthians 6:14 declares don't be unequally yoked with unbelievers. This part of the album touches on the major breakup between me and my ex fiance. Also appearing on the song is my dude from the BX City Scholar. This track was actually off of his mixtape Feel Good Movement Vol. 1, hosted by DJ BedTyme 357. The point that I stressed in the song, if anyone in your life is not for you, or for your dreams, leave it and them alone! Produced by the 3 Kings.

Chapter 6: 1 Man Army - This track is very aggressive & gritty. The Word says in 2 Timothy 2:3,4; "Therefore endure hardness as a good soldier. No man that wars are entangled with the affairs of this life..." There comes a point in time in your life, where you have seek the God power within you, to overcome every spiritual opposition that comes to hinder you. This track to me I came off really gangster, from the word play, to my emotions, sharing how Christ was that 1 man army who put His life on the line for the entire world, so that we may have eternal life. I'm inspiring my listeners to think like a 1 man army, whenever testings & trials arise. Because He is an Overcomer, then that makes us Overcomers. Produced by E-nonymous for Enon Beats and All God Entertainment.

Chapter 7: Hustle Like It's Your Last! - If you all remembered my 1st EP Touch & Agree, which had Soul Hustler's Anthem; well this is Soul Hustler's Anthem part 2. This track has a dirty south appeal, more street and more aggressive. Like Jesus had to overcome temptation in the wilderness with the devil in order to walk into His ministry; this is me overcoming all from the previous chapters. And now I'm in ministry as "The Soul Hustler". This is a motivation chapter to the church prompting them in these last and evil days to win souls. Go out and hustle like it's your last for the Kingdom. Produced by Hard Work The Great, formally of the production duo Twinz NY.

Chapter 8: Above Average - The feel of this track is very much a Commercial Club joint, with a radio friendly approach. Featuring LaFonda on the track, this song is more of a motivation encouraging others to think better of themselves in God. Ephesians 3:20 is the motivation behind this song. No more settling in mediocrity, poverty, low or mid class, cause we are a Royal Priesthood. Produced by my business partner Clever Gemz of Clever Gemz Music/Prophets i Music Group LLC.

Chapter 9: L. S. D. (Lust, Sin, Death) - Inspired by James 1:15; this is a story telling joint of young man who got caught up in the drug game, and never lived to see age 25. In my ministry endeavors, I minister to a lot of drug dealers & gang banggers. So this joint is very soulful, yet lyrical and straight to the point. This is giving my evangelistic side talking to the hood, still telling my story. And you have heard this on Touch & Agree, but I'm re releasing this particular one, cause the streets is paying attention to what I have to say. Produced by Daniel Steele of D 1:8 Mindstate Productions.

Chapter 10: Soul Hustler's Ambition - This is the Soul Hustler approaching every music industry facet for a divine purpose to reach the lost at all cost. By simply grinding hard like any other aspiring artist, yet keeping it ministry. If the average rapper who brags about gun clapping, claiming themselves to be a pimp, and glorify in being flashy, then why can't I take the same approach in representing who I truly am...a Christian. I grind like every other rapper out there, with shows, mixtapes, television and radio appearances. I'm ambitious to bring the message in it's true form to the mainstream market. The music is very hood, commercial, and radio friendly. Produced by FranAm of NuBirth Music Group.

Chapter 11: Make Noise - This is one of my favorite songs on the this album. And can be played anywhere, both in Church and in the Clubs. Featuring my long time friends Jason Hendrickson and Doug Sheppard aka D Blessed MC. I love to party! Yes I do; I hadn't stopped dancing I just changed partners. I always was and shall be the life of the party. This is my praise joint on the album. Psalms 100:1 says for us to "Make a joyful noise unto the Lord. all ye lands". And Psalms 150:6 says "Let everything that hath breath praise the Lord..." Produced by neoRock of Jah'Rock'n Productions.

Chapter 12: Soul Mate - This is another soulful love song on the album. I'm all about promoting positive relationships. Like husband & wife instead of baby mama & baby daddy. Featuring the sultry sound of Ms. Stephcynie Curry, this has a very melodic feel. This can be played at all times. I mean after all, it's a love song. Produced by Justin Goodman of JustGood Music.

Chapter 13: The Song Of Healing - So now that I'm in the fullest of ministry, and going forth I share my testimony to heal those that are going through. This song is very soulful with a worship feel. When I was writing this song, I was going through my own personal turmoil. And God had me to write this, while interceding for those that have a physical disease, to those that experiencing issues that have them at a dis-ease. Healing is the Children's bread. Music was greatly arranged by Lil brother Jaquan McCain aka Yung Diddy & David Dove, which features my older brother Dovon Foster & CTW. Special lead soloists Tiffany Beckles & ED'Drena Miller, which was the icing on the cake. This song will usher you into the presence of God. It was only right to make this the last track on the album. Cause I'm taking my listeners from tragedy into God's triumphant victory in their lives.

This is album is all straight music, no interludes or nothing. A straight well balanced and musically put together album. Musical selection from Hood, to Commercial, to Club, to Church. You name it, I got it!

I'm not going to mention the bonus cuts on here, cause I want you all to appreciate this project. The Supplier is ready for this Summer's Take Over finally into Full Effect. If you all haven't cop the EP of this, you can cop online at Itunes, Amazon, Rhapsody, Napster, and Emusic for download.

More great news is coming up soon. I have a major meeting next week with somebody who is a well known Philanthropist in the game. Whose name I'm not revealing, until the next blog entry. Thank you all for the love and support. And for riding with the kid on this go round. Let the Hate keep coming, cause you only causing me to elevate. God Bless you all, and until then live your life to your last chapter!!!
Can't wait for Soul Hustler's Diary to drop this summer!

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