Thursday, May 28, 2009

Your New York Sports Weekend 5/29-5/31

Whether it's watching live sports, being an armchair quarterback, or listening to the radio while barbecuing there's always something going on. Here's a brief recap of this weekend's Sports Selections.

While Cleveland may claim to rock, the Bronx Bombers surely have come around as of late, keeping the die-hard Bleacher Creatures at bay. Watch the games on TV, or listen to the soothing voice of Suzyn Waldman and John Sterling on 880AM as this is a road series.

  • Friday 7:05 PM-Long-time Yankee Andy Pettite (4-1) faces last year's Cy Young Winner Cliff Lee (2-5) , who has had trouble getting wins this year, but has looked pretty good his last 3 starts.
  • Saturday 7:05 PM-C.C. Sabathia (4-3) returns to Cleveland against Fausto Carmona (3-4). Have fun saying both their names over and over again. Look for A-Rod and friends to come alive. You heard it here first.
  • Sunday 12:40 PM- Phil Hughes (3-2) has the privilege of pitching in the same ballpark as Carl Pavano (5-4). Yankee fans, enter Carl Pavano joke here: _____________________.

The Marlins are in town this weekend at Citi Field. Take the Express 7, head to Queens and see the wonderful Jackie Robinson Rotunda while rooting for your Amazins'

  • Friday 7:10 p.m. start- Mike Pelfrey (4-1) and the Mets face Florida's Sean West (0-0, 2nd career start) for the first time. Not necessarily a good thing given the Mets' recent history of losing big (i mean huge) to fresh faces.
  • Saturday 1:10- Tim Redding (0-1) vs. Josh Johnson (3-1). This sounds like clash of the country stars, but Johnson is more Garth Brooks to Redding's Chris Gaines.
  • Sunday 1:10 - John Maine (4-3) vs. Chris Volstad (4-3). Volstad spelled backwards is "Dat's Lov". Hard to root for and/or against the guy as he is on my Fantasy Team. Conflict of interest, but isn't Dat what Lov's all about?

Oh, and there's this other sport friends have told me about called.... Soccer? Yes, The New York Red Bulls are playing Saturday against the Colorado Rapids at Giants Stadium. Check for Tickets Here. If you are having a hard time getting tickets, it just means you are living in Bizzarro World.

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