Thursday, May 7, 2009

Dinner with a Perfect Stranger

The Forum on Orthodox Spirituality (FOS) is hosting a movie night tonight:

We are pleased to invite you to the third FOS Movie Night. The featured film is DINNER WITH A PERFECT STRANGER. This film is right on topic to our recent sessions on faith and doubt and touching on some of the points Fr. Frank made in the marriage sessions. (Please see below for information and review on the movie.) Father Frank will interject at relevant points during the showing to expand on the film's parallels to Orthodox Christian theology and as always its relevance to our lives.


Cathedral Ballroom

337 E 74th St. (1&2 avenues)

6:30: Assembly, Pizza, Snacks & Refreshments

7:30: Showtime

9:30: Conclusion, Q&A

10:30: Get-together

All are welcome.

FOS periodically hosts movie showings where Fr. Frank discusses spiritual themes in contemporary films. The second movie FOS hosted was The Lord of the Rings. The major themes highlighted are: the ring represents power either for corruptibility or for good, for disfigurement or transformation; God uses broken and imperfect people to accomplish His Will; the power in mercy and forgiveness are the greatest of messages that Tolkien wished to convey. The first film shown was The Matrix. Some of the most significant Christian themes highlighted are: God seeks and finds us and never gives up on us; our free will is never taken from us and, at every turn, we always have a choice in how to respond; when we are cut off from God, we lose our way and/or give up; nothing else has power over us when God’s Love resurrects us.

FOS, geared toward NY area professionals, welcomes Cathedral members, non-members and individuals of all faiths. The aim of FOS is to enrich our lives by comprehending the meaning behind our worship in the context of Orthodox Christian theology while creating relationships and community. For more information on FOS, please visit the Cathedral website:

Has anyone seen this movie before? Opinions??

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Anonymous said...

i had fun when they showed lord of the rings