Thursday, May 21, 2009

Handmade Music Night: Before You Make Music, Make an Instrument

Handmade Music Night is back:

This Month, everyone's favorite part party, part mixer, part Science Fair, and part performance brings you:

* ROBOTIC GAMELAN: The GamelaTron by League of Urban Robots makes an appearance, with a fully robotic composition for a high-tech take on the traditional Indonesian instruments

* RESCUED iPODS: Hans-Christoph Steiner is saving old mobile devices and PDAs from being junked, by harnassing open-source software to make them powerful, useful, expressive, fun tools, toys, and instruments instead

* POCKET ANDROIDS: Peter Kirn shows off a new, in-progress app for turning Google's open-source Linux platform into a gestural controller - and for connecting any computer running any operating system for music, visuals, and interaction via Java and OpenSoundControl

Open hacking and party + time to get close to the instruments and gadgets + mini-workshops/show-and-tell + a musical performance by the Robotic Balinese Gender Wayang.

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This is happening at 3rd Ward, located at 195 Morgan in Brooklyn, at 7:30 pm tonight. Free admission and PBR.

I know at least two of you have made your own instruments. Are you ready to debut them?

[image via 3rd Ward]

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