Friday, May 29, 2009

Silently Raving

Here are the details you've been waiting for for tomorrow's Silent Rave:
It's time to dance in the streets and sing out our hearts in the grand unifying event known as the Silent Rave! I know you have all been losing control waiting for a chance to break free: this is it! Grab your Mp3 players, headphones, glow sticks and dance-hungry friends as the time is upon us.

Invite your friends and make this the greatest Silent Rave ever!!!

The event starts at 6:29pm. Sync your clock to official time, start countdowns with your friends and get going! Just enjoy yourselves, nothing here is illegal. You are listening to your music and taking to the public dance floor. Wanna dress up? We welcome the unafraid to our greatest of dance parties.

Gather under the Washington statue at Union Square Park (The guy on the horse)

A silent rave involves everyone listening to their own music so the music will NOT be synced for everyone, but if your friends want to be rocking to the same beats, go ahead and coordinate privately.
Who's in?

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