Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Sound Fix's Top 10 ~ May 2009

Who is this summer's Vampire Weekend?

Here is Sound Fix's current top 10:

  1. St. Vincent: Actor (4AD)
  2. Akron/Family: Set Em Wild, Set Em Free (Dead Oceans)
  3. Camera Obscura: My Maudlin Career (4AD)
  4. Bob Dylan: Together Through Life (Sony)
  5. Woods: Songs of Shame (Shrimper)
  6. Bill Callahan: Sometimes I Wish I Were an Eagle (Drag City)
  7. Magik Markers: Balf Quarry (Drag City)
  8. Vaselines: Enter the Vaselines (Sub Pop)
  9. Pink Mountaintops: Outside Love (Jagjaguwar)
  10. Papercuts: You Can Have What You Wants (Gnomonsong)

You dig?

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Anonymous said...

The Dead Weather = hottest band right now