Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Geek for a Day, Data Storage for a Lifetime


Courtesy of The Big Bad Toy Store and coinciding with the upcoming release of the Transformers movie sequel later this summer, I present to the techies out there the Transforming USB Flash Drive. As a fan of the cartoon growing up with the toys, all i can say is 'whoa!'

For $43.00 and shipping & handling, you too can relive memories of the Decepticon 'Soundwave' (a radio/boombox/tape player) who used to keep those little transforming animal robots stored as 'cassettes'. Well, the times have changed and computer memory is a lot less reliant on tape today than it was 20 years ago. This little guy carries a 2GB drive, good for carrying around your favorite Hold Steady album or latest slam poetry Word document. A bit over-priced, but nostalgia usually doesn't carry a price tag.

1 comment:

Stephanie Nikolopoulos said...

2 of my favourite things: The Hold Steady and Poetry. And yes, Poetry deserves to be capitalized.