Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Today Would Be a Good Day for a Prank, Don'tcha Think?

Head on down to the Village for some pranking after work today. Urban Madness invites you to join in on a super-secret, hush-hush April Fool's Day prank:
This is another mystery event guys, just know that this one is incredibly prompt. If we pull this off it will be fantastic. Be on time at location and we shall make our mark on this day of great practical (and impractical) jokes.

It'll be short, sweet and excellent.
Simply meet at 6:15 at the McDonalds at West 3rd and 6th Ave. We don't know that the prank will actually go down at the fast-food chain, but we can't help but be reminded of Improv Everywhere's stint at McDs.

While we're at it, let's just mention these other zany social events:

April 4: Pillow Fight -- this moved to Wall Street. Look for a post here on Friday.
May 17: First Annual BigWheel GLOW Race
May 30: Silent Rave 4: Return of the Raveapple

[image: Urban Madness]

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not a prankster said...

anyone hear about yesterday's improv anywhere stunt?