Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Time and Place Set for Pillow Fight ... But Not Without Controversy

[image from Newmindspace]

The next Pillow Fight has just been announced as taking place Saturday, April 4, in Union Square. This, however, came as somewhat of a shock to Newmindspace, the event organizer. According to an email we received from Newmindspace:
Before we were able to secure a location for the pillow fight, the creator of the Facebook event, Nikki M. Sparks, removed me as an admin and wrote the location as Union Square.

She says that Union Square is the true home of the event. I have tried to reason with her, to wait until a permit is granted, but she has acted alone by having created the event before we got a chance to.

There is already far too much momentum to try to start an opposing Facebook event with a different location, so I suppose we have no other option but to promote her event, permit or not.

The pillow fight this year is in Union Square on Saturay [sic] April 4th. Tell everybody.

Okay, we're telling everybody.

April 4 is World Pillow Fight Day. Different organizations are planning Pillow Fights everywhere from Cape Town to Sydney, Paris to Caracus, and Budapest to Portland. Find your city here.

Wikipedia noted that last year on Worldwide Pillow Fight Day, twenty-five cities across the world took part in the event and, according to a report put out by The Wall Street Journal, 5,000 people participated in New York.

Newmindspace is also organizing a Pillow Fight in Toronto on March 21.

Newmindspace is run by Lori Kufner and Kevin Bracken. They organize "free, fun, all-ages events like parties on subway cars, public pillow fights, giant games of capture the flag on city streets, massive bubble battles, public art installations and much more. Newmindspace is committed to reclaiming public space, inventing new ways of having fun, and creating community."


L said...

Bloody hell, I'm at work then.

F-diddy said...

goose down to the face!!

Stephanie Nikolopoulos said...

FYI: The fight has been moved to Wall St.