Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Metro NY Synod Gets a Makeover

The Metro NY Synod got a bit of a facelift recently. Now they look just like the everyone else. The synod has taken on the emblem of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA).

The decision to conform to the ELCA was made to create unity:
This change was not made lightly. Our move to a new look reflects the fact that the synod is not a stand-alone organization but part of a wider church. When the ELCA took on the new “God’s work, our hands” tagline, it encouraged all synods, schools, institutions, and agencies of the church to adopt the same brand mark. It is an effort to strengthen the bond we all share as ELCA Lutherans. Instead of having 65 synods each with a different logo and tagline, why not reflect that we are all part of the same church family? We take on this unifying graphic identity as a visual reminder to ourselves and to the outside world that we are one church.
You can read more about the signficance of the "God's work, our hands" tagline here.

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