Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Reveal’s Valentine’s Day Ultimate Makeover

I've been known to tear up watching people get made over on Jenny Jones. There's just something so life affirming about seeing people who thought they were ugly realize that they're not -- that they're actually beautiful people who were hiding behind baggy clothes and unkempt hair. Although we all know that what's on the inside is more important that what's on the outside, the truth of the matter is it helps to be happy with the outside too. That's the idea behind Reveal.

On Valentine's Day more than 120 volunteers gave makeovers to women who were "recovering from abuse and sex trafficking." There is something so powerful about giving women who were sexually and physically abused a sense of beauty instead of shame and hatred toward their bodies.

Another way you can help:
If you are interested in providing clothes or food for the homeless, FOS is collecting goods and seeking volunteers for a Midnight Run.

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