Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Theo's Fig, Fennel, and Almond Dark Chocolate Bar

Leave the snack attacks to Snickers. Theo's recent 3400 Phinney release, the dark chocolate Fig, Fennel, and Almond bar, is like a fine wine.

A powerful burst of fennel explodes upon your tastebuds as you take a bite. You savor the aromatic, anise-like fennel slowly. It takes your senses time to reconcile expectations for what a candybar should taste like, but once it adjusts to the complex flavors of this Theo bar it's hard to go back.

At first, you don't even notice the 70% cocao. It is only as it begins to melt over your tongue that you taste the deep notes of the chocolate, produced from cocoa beans from Central America. Its darkness begins to tame the fennel. However, it is not sweet but dark and almost bitter, like a good shot of espresso.

Almonds add a crunch that is hearty both in texture and flavor. The fig is sadly too subtle, but occassionally adds an unexpected sweetness to the bar.

One piece of Theo's Fig, Fennel, and Almond bar is all you need to satisfy your chocolate craving. Its refined taste makes it an excellent chocolate to pair with a full-bodied red wine or, given the fennel, with absinthe.

Theo Chocolate is the only fair-trade, organic, bean-to-bar chocolate factory in the United States. Based out of Seattle, the company ships to New York, where their fine selection of chocolates is available at Whole Foods.


Anonymous said...

Okay, I'm hooked, how much is it????

Stephanie Nikolopoulos said...

They're $3.25. You can order them here: