Friday, August 14, 2009

Embattled Quarterback Comes Close To Home

No, he didn't get signed to a New York team, but Michael Vick is back in the National Football League... somewhat. As many of you know, Vick was a former quarterback for the Atlanta Falcons and seemed to have it all: large contract, large fan base, large houses. He was caught and arrested in 2007 for participating in a dogfighting ring and was sentenced to jail for nearly two years, but served eighteen months and was recently released.

Today, news spread that Vick signed a one year contract with the Philadelphia Eagles and can possibly be reinstated by the NFL to play by the 6th week of the football season. An interesting discussion on sports talk radio tonight brought up a topic that is being presented here for discussion: Can One Separate the Art from the Artist?

A comparison was made to Budd Schulberg, author of 'On The Waterfront'; a book that turned into an Oscar-winning screenplay and film in the 1950's. Schulberg testified before the House Committee of Un-American Activities and 'named names' of alleged Communists in the entertainment and film industry.

Which begs the question: Can One Separate the Art from the Artist? Can one separate the talents of a writer from the acts of betrayal towards his peers? Can a football player's athletic talents on the field be separated from off-the-field life? How forgiving can we/will we be towards someone? Is there a line?

Only time will tell.

"Discuss amongst yourselves, I'm a little Vclempt"

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Stephanie Nikolopoulos said...

I think it depends. For example, you might not like someone's politics but that doesn't mean they can't be a good artist. However, if someone does something reprehensible -- say dogfighting or child molesting -- you can maybe over time forgive them, but should they be given free reign after that?