Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Beach Blanket Bingo Opening

Jonathan LeVine's Beach Blanket Bingo opening was the perfect summer soiree. Just like a backyard BBQ, it was a delicious potluck of homespun creativity, revelry, and beer. Truly a great way to bring together some of the bests artists working today:

Adam Wallacavage
AJ Fosik
Alex Hornest
Ana Bagayan
Andrew Foster
Anthony Lister
Cleon Peterson
Dan Witz
Dave Cooper
David Ellis
Erik Mark Sandberg
Glenn Barr
Jack Long
Korin Faught
Logan Hicks
Louie Cordero
Martin Wittfooth
Matt Haber
Meredith Dittmar
Natalia Fabia
Nicola Verlato
Rich Jacobs
Richard Colman
Rick Froberg
Ron English
Scott Radke
Seonna Hong
Turf One
Xiaoqing Ding

Scott Radke doesn't create your typical garden gnome

Raise a toast to Rick Froberg's drawings

A totem pole guards Korin Faught's paintings

Most of Chelsea gets pretty sleepy in August so it's rather ingenious of Jonathan Levine to raise the bar by showcasing more than thirty great painters, sculptors, and line artists. The exhibit will run through August 22. The gallery is located on the ninth floor of 529 West 20th Street.

Check back tomorrow for more photos from the show.

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