Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Gallery Church Retreat

The Gallery Church is planning a retreat:
We are getting away together as a church family for time to rest, to listen, to play, and to learn. 450 acres of rolling woodlands and meadows in the foothills of the Pocono's is our destination - The Country Place Retreat and Conference Center. We hope the majority of our church family will come, though all are welcome! There is even a spa at the place! Check it out www.retreatpa.com

$130 per person (kids under three are free) Includes 3 meals, lodging, transportation. [Please do not let cost keep you from going, come talk to Pastor Freddy T. if it is an issue]

Saturday August 15th (depart 9:30am) - Sunday August 16th. (return to NYC 7pm)

Where can I sign up?
Sign up ... in the lobby during a Gallery Church Gathering!

More details to come...email questions to freddy@gallerychurch.com

What do you like to do on retreats?

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L said...

Jam. Both meanings.