Friday, June 26, 2009

Trinity Grace's Call for Art on Sermon on the Mount

Trinity Grace has an open call for artists:
We are spending the summer as a church community studying the Sermon on the Mount. We would love you to consider the passages and themes we will be teaching on, and consider creating art that shares and illustrates these passages.

Consider picking a text a few weeks out to give yourself a bit of time (and a deadline) to work with. You can even let us know in advance that you're making something for that week.

Please email us
[] to get the scripture texts and dates, and also with your pieces.
[image via Trinity Grace]

We want to see your images too! Send 'em along and we'll post the best ones here.

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Susan Joy Clark said...

It sounds like a nice idea, a good opportunity for Christian artists to creatively express a theme from the Bible.