Monday, June 8, 2009

American Reports Sentenced to Labor Prison in N. Korea

Here in New York, you can say just about anything. Sure, people will yell back at you and tell you to shut up, but for the most part you won't get in any real trouble for voicing your opinions. Not so in parts of Asia. Two US reporters, Laura Ling (former "The View" cohost Lisa Ling's sister) and Euna Lee, have just been sentenced to twelve years of labor prison in North Korea for allegedly crossing its border.

The California-based reporters worked for former Vice President Al Gore's Current TV. They were in Asia to report on the trafficking of North Korean women. On March 17 they were arrested. Today, after a five-day trial, they received the maximum term allowed by North Korea. They are sentenced not just to prison, but to hard labor.

Read the AP story here.
[image from the AP via Yahoo]
Protection for Journalists
If you are interested in supporting freedom of speech and the protection of journalists, check out these sites:
Human Trafficking
Euna Lee and Laura Ling were reporting on an issue that needs to be addressed. Don't think for a moment that trafficking doesn't occur in our own city. If you missed the B'klyn Against Human Sex Trafficking event over at the Trash Bar, you can read the UN's report on the rise in trafficking here.
To find out more about trafficking in New York, visit The New York Anti-Trafficking Network and the New York Anti-Trafficking Coalition.

If you or your church has any resources or is planning any events related to freedom of speech and/or human trafficking, let us know in the comments sections.

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Anonymous said...

good coverage. it is great to see how you use the site to draw attention to these issues.

Redeemer church is having a day of prayer to address human trafficking

check out their website
for info on the Sex Trafficking Prayer Walk in Midtown on June 27 from 1-3