Friday, June 26, 2009

Trinity Grace Talks about Living in Intentional Communities

Trinity Grace is hosting a series of discussions this summer, and the first one -- about living in intentional communities -- already sounds interesting. Here in Manhattan, we're crammed into tiny apartments, living one on top of the other, and yet we barely know our neighbors. Case in point, this story by Eric Allen over on the Burnside Writers Collective blog. Trinity Grace is opening up the discussion this Sunday on what it means to live in an intentional community:

First in our summer discussion series is something about Intentional Communities:

There is a growing interest among members of TGC and other believers in living in intentional communities. Come hear people involved in a variety of communities speak on their experiences in this movement.

**This week! Sunday June 28, 5:30pm, Fellowship Hall in St Paul's

Sunday July 12, 3:30pm, Fellowship Hall at Zion St Mark's

Upper West
Sunday July 19, 12:30pm, Emily Dickinson School

Stay tuned for dates for other discussion topics, including how to deal with anxiety, and integrating faith and work.

[image via BWC]

What has been your experience with intentional communities? Do you have to be intentional to have community?

What's the community like in your apartment building?

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