Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Re:Write Review On Sale @ McNally

Launched on May 7 of this year, the first installment of The Re:Write Review is now selling in Manhattan:

The Re:Write Review is available for purchase at McNally Jackson Bookstore in NYC!! If you haven't been to McNally then you are missing out on the best independent book store in the city. It's on the corner of Prince and Mulberry in Nolita (52 Prince). The book is upstairs in the Literary Periodicals section...near the magazines I believe. Please go check it out, send your friends there to buy it, go take pictures of it with your cell phone (note attached photo)...you know classy stuff like that.

We will begin new groups in the fall in preparation for Issue 2 of the Re:Write Review, which will also be on shelves at McNally Jackson. So start writing now! There will be contests and themes announced in a month or so.

Associated with Trinity Grace Church, Re:Write describes itself as:

a writing collective that seeks to nurture, introduce, and promote new

We are local and global and independent.

What we offer is a new writing lifestyle that preserves the necessarily independent act of writing but that insists on the strength of community. Weekend writing seminars are not enough. Our belief is that beautiful, original writing will arise from a combination of work-shopping, craft study, and community.

This is a call for weekend warriors and late night bloggers to come out of the literary closet and join a collection of fellow artists who are committed to each other’s success and growth.

You can visit the McNally Jackson Bookstore here. Located at 52 Prince, it has a cafe that serves Italian sodas and pastries from Balthazar.

[image via an email from "the boys & aurora"]

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