Thursday, July 16, 2009

Jazz House Presents Jostein Gulbrandsen

Starry Nights may no longer be happening at The American Museum of Natural History, but fortunately you can still get some jazz in this summer at Scandinavia House (58 Park Ave.):

As the Manhattan skyline slips into magic hour, sip a sumptuous cocktail while enjoying an intimate concert held on Scandinavia House’s garden terrace. A favored alternative to the usual midtown “happy hour,” Jazz House presents an eclectic selection of Nordic ensembles and repertoires accompanied by refreshments from Smörgås Chef’s terrace cocktail bar.
Tonight features Norway's Jostein Gulbrandsen:
Jostein Gulbrandsen grew up in Norway and started playing the guitar at the age of nine. His first CD as a band leader was released to critical acclaim in both Norway and the U.S. Using a mixture of electric, acoustic and fretless guitars, his music melds both American elements of jazz and reflects his Nordic roots.
The event starts at 6:30 and costs $10.

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