Friday, January 15, 2010

citilights Knitting Circles

Knitting isn't just for grandma anymore. It's become its own form of graffiti. Around the world, trees, utility poles, and door handles have become hostage to yarn "sweaters." It's called "yarn bombing," and it's awesome. Evidence:

[image via Wikipedia]

The knitting revolution actually started in Texas, and has since become an international art movement.

Redeemer's citilights fellowship hosts a knitting circle. It doesn't promise any yarn bombing, but you'll certainly meet some other knitters:

citilights Knitting Circles
Congregational Life

Have fun knitting and make some new friends. Join us whether you're a beginner or seasoned knitter. Knitting kits are available for $15 or bring your own supplies. Sunday, January 17 at 12:00PM in Hunter College, West Building, 3rd Fl. at the tables by the muffins. RSVP to Carolyn at or call (646) 924-8997 the day of.

Time: 12:00pm

Location: Hunter College, West Building, 3rd Fl.


What knitting projects are you working on?

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