Monday, January 31, 2011

Gallery Church: Growth Groups

If you're looking to join a growth group, Gallery Church has a few to offer:::

Corey and Leann Boyd

TBD 12:00 AM Queens Co-Ed

Nathan and Leslee Tubbs

Tuesday 7:00 PM Bay Ridge Co-ed

P.J. and Gillian Herring

Wednesday 7:00 PM Park Slope Co-ed

Wayne and Erin Burton

TBD 12:00 AM Jersey City Co-ed

Freddy and Susan Wyatt

Tuesday 7:00 PM Harlem Co-ed

Gary Marshall and Chris Mills

Thursday 7:00 PM Flatiron Co-ed

Kim Mills and Sarah Hines

Sunday 2:00 PM Flatiron Co-Ed

Aaron & Carmen Coe

Wednesday 7:00 PM Harlem Co-Ed

Joe Garrad and Amber Hodges

Wednesday 8:00 PM Lower Manhattan Co-ed

Neil and Jen Brown

Wednesday 7:00 PM Upper West Side Co-Ed

Jordan and Elizabeth Richard

Thursday 8:00 PM Harlem co-ed

For contact info and further details, visit the Gallery Church's website.

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