Wednesday, February 17, 2010

New York Is for Christian Hipsters

New York makes a lot of top 10 lists. Apparently -- or at least according to Brett McCracken (McCracken: what a great name!) over at conversant life -- it's even one of the top 10 cities for Christian hipsters:
As it is for any other hipster, New York is the dream destination for many Christian hipsters. Whether they go there to be actors, artists, designers, or factory workers, hipsters love living in New York. Currently, it’s the city where many Christian hipster icons (such as Sufjan Stevens, Welcome Wagon, and Jay Bakker) reside. It’s also the site of dozens of very hip, urbane, trend-setting churches like Redeemer Presbyterian, All Angels Episcopal, and Journey, as well as ministries such as the International Arts Movement.
[photo by Stephanie Nikolopoulos]

I can't help but recall an episode of That 70s Show when the always tipsy mom, Kitty, called New York "Sodom and Gomorrah with a subway." New York has so often been thought of as a breeding ground for sin. And yet, for centuries, it's also been considered the place for great art, music, and fashion. No other city in the U.S. compares to it. So, it makes sense that, religion aside, you'd be drawn to NYC if you're a creative type.

There are indeed more and more young and creative communities for Christians in New York. (McCracken, who's writing a book on the world's hippest churches, also lists Resurrection Presbyterian as a hipster church in a separate post. I'd add Trinity Grace's Chelsea service and North Brooklyn Vineyard's Trash Bar service to the list above.) But does that make New York Christian-friendly?

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Anonymous said...

ha, that 70s show.
I don't know about being a Christian hipster. that sounds like we're just asking for a website to be made...what do we like? tim keller and animal collective :D