Thursday, November 12, 2009

"Happy Accidents in a Common Places" Hits Nerves in Its Look at Community

Community. It's something we talk a lot about at church. But how do we form community that isn't artificial? When are small groups, life groups, missional tribes, whatever you want to call them, a hindrance to our faith and development? David Zimmerman -- and those who commented on his article -- raises some of these issues in his article "Happy Accidents in a Common Place" over at Burnside.

Speak of community, have you seen the TV show on NBC? Hilarious.

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Miss Hannah said...

What a great article. My situation is unique in that I live with (as close neighbors) the people I work with. That can end up being a lot of together time. One thing that is very important is to ALLOW yourself to become part of your community. Don't hold back. Be a blessing to others and let them bless you as well!